Tenerife Airports – A Simple Guide

Tenerife Airports – A Simple Guide

As the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife has two airports on the island and they are commonly known as Tenerife South Airport and Tenerife North airport. Obviously, both airports service the Southern and Northern parts of the island but the main airport used by tourists and airlines from the UK, is Tenerife South Airport.

This website is designed to provide information for both Tenerife Airports and help you choose the correct airport in Tenerife for your travels.

Quick Reference Guide

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Tenerife Airports Names

Tenerife South: Reina Sofia or Tenerife Sur ((Aeropuerto del Sur de Tenerife)

Tenerife North: Los Rodeos Airport (Aeropuerto de Tenerife Los Rodeos)

Tenerife Airport Code

The two airports in Tenerife have two different airport codes and these are as follow:

Tenerife South Airport code: TFS

Tenerife North Airport code: TFN

The Two Tenerife Airports

Tenerife South Airport

Tenerife South airport (also known as Reina Sofia or Tenerife Sur) is the largest of the two airports and services the popular Southern resorts on the island such as  Las Galletas – Los Cristianos – Los Gigantes – Playa de las Americas. This airport is the main airport on the island and is the main airport that is used by tourists to the island. The airport has approximately 9 million passengers traveling through it each year and a large number of them are holiday makers.

The airport is located approximately 16klms from the popular resort of Playa de las Americas and the journey time by car takes approximately 30-35 minutes.

Tenerife South Airport Map

Tenerife North Airport

Tenerife North Airport (also known as Los Rodeos Airport), is the smallest of the two Tenerife airports and is located in the North of the island. This airport is ideal for such resorts as Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The airport is located approximately 9klms from the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife and 28klms from Puerto de la Cruz.

Although the airport is close to these Northern resorts, there are limited flights into the airport, with no direct flights currently from the UK. This airport is more commonly used by Spanish and Scandanavian airlines such as Iberia flights, Air Europa flights and Vueling Airlines flights. The airport in the North of Tenerife, is now largely used by business professional flying to the island.

Tenerife North Airport Map

Getting To And From Tenerife Airports

As a popular destination for holiday makers all year round, the ground support at both Tenerife Airports is very efficient. Getting to and from the airports is relatively simple and passengers landing at both airports have a variety of options for airport transfers to suit all requirements and budgets.

Transfers From Tenerife Airport

Tenerife Airports 1Depending on where your final destination on the island may be, you are sure to find the most suitable transport for your own personal requirements and budget.

If you have booked your travel through a travel operator and it is a package holiday, your airport transfers from the Tenerife Airports will usually  be included and you will be greeted at the airport by your representative.  If you are travelling independently and you need to arrange your own transfers, you have a variety of option.

Passengers landing at the airports have a choice of airport transfers such as bus, coach, shuttle, taxi and car hire. Once again, which form of transport you choose is obviously down to personal preference, budget and also how many people are traveling in your party. The number of people travelling in your party can often determine which form of transport is the best suited to your requirements and which will be the most cost effective.

Transfer Options To and From Tenerife Airports

Public Buses

There are several bus services that run throughout the day and connect passengers arriving at and departing from the airports to the many towns, villages and resorts close to both Tenerife’s main airports. Public transport from the airports are certainly a very cheap form of transfer, especially if you are travelling by yourself or are on a limited budget.

Bus From Tenerife South To Tenerife North Airport

There is a bus that runs direct without any stops from Tenerife Sur Airports to Tenerife Norte and connects passengers with both airports in Tenerife. The bus number is 343 and the journey between Tenerife Norte and Tenerife Sur Airport is approximately 50-60 minutes.

The airport bus services are run and operated by a company called Titsa and you can view the timetables and different bus services to and from both Tenerife South and Tenerife North airport by clicking on the links below:

Tenerife South Airport Bus

Tenerife North Airport Bus

Tenife South Airport To Santa Cruz

Car Hire Tenerife Airport

Car hire provides a quick and easy form of transfer from the airports in Tenerife with the added bonus of having transport for the duration of your stay in Tenerife. Car hire allows you to explore the wonderful island of Tenerife and enables you to see the many attractions in Tenerife that you probably would not be able to see without a car.

If you are wishing to hire a car from one of the airports in Tenerife, it is advisable to pre-book your car hire in advance to ensure you get the best deals and guarantee you receive the car you require for your own personal needs.

There are many websites and car hire companies that offer and provide car rental from Tenerife airports but the easiest way to search for the best deals for the dates and times you require is to simply use one of the car hire comparison websites. The car hire comparison websites will search all the car hire companies in seconds and then return the best prices for car hire in Tenerife for the dates you specified. Obviously it is your choice as to which one you use but we have provided a search facility in the right hand column of this webpage for your convenience. This is one of the major car hire comparison websites and they generally provide very competitive rates from a large number of major car hire companies.

Flights To Tenerife Airports

Flights To Tenerife

Due to the all year round climate that attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year from a wide number of countries around the world, many airlines now offer flights to Tenerife. Most airlines offer a choice of flights from many airports around the world and the flights to Tenerife do fluctuate in price depending on the time of year. Now that a large number of low cost airlines fly into Tenerife, you can generally find some really cheap flights to Tenerife, especially if your travel dates and times are flexible. However, at peak times such as school holidays, Christmas and New Year, the flights will increase in price. Using a flight Comparison search facility like the one to the right will help you find the cheapest flights to Tenerife Airports for the dates you require.

The majority of flights to Tenerife from the UK fly into Tenerife South Airport and there are a number of different airlines that now offer flight from the UK, including several low cost airlines such as Easy Jet – Jet2.com – Ryanair – Monarch Airlines. British Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines and Thomson Airways also operate flights to Tenerife throughout the year from a variety of UK airports. If you are planning on booking a flight from the UK to Tenerife, ensure you choose the right airport when booking your flight. If you are wishing to stay at one of the popular Southern holiday resorts on the island of Tenerife, then it is best to fly into Tenerife South Airport.

What Is The Flying Time To Tenerife From The UK

The flight time to Tenerife from the UK is approximately 4 – 4.5 hours, depending on which airport in the UK you are travelling from.

Cheap Flights To Tenerife

Due to the number of airlines that now fly to Tenerife, there are some really good flight deals to be found throughout the year. Obviously, the cost of flights to Tenerife do fluctuate and the prices are generally determined by the time of year and school holidays. If you are flexible with your dates and flight times, you are sure to find a deal to suit your needs and budget.

As we previously mentioned, flight prices to Tenerife fluctuate and no one airline constantly offers the cheapest price all year round, This is why it is always best to compare flight prices, to ensure you find the best deals. Using one of the many flight comparison websites, will allow you to compare the flight prices with all the airlines for your desired dates and guarantee you find the best deal.

Tenerife Airport Arrivals

Throughout the year both airports have a large number of passengers passing through, especially Tenerife South Airport. Due to the warm all year round climate, the island of Tenerife has many airlines servicing it each year. Tenerife Airport Arrivals can certainly be a busy area and all the passengers landing at either of the two airport in Tenerife will be required to comply with the airports Arrivals procedures.

Both airports in Tenerife have strict Security and Passport Control procedures that all passengers arriving at the airport must adhere to. All passengers will be required to clear Airport Security before they are allowed to enter Tenerife upon arrival. Once passengers have cleared airport security, they can make their way to the Baggage Reclaim area to collect any luggage that has travelled in the Hold. If passengers are travelling with Hand Luggage only, they can make their way straight to the Arrivals exit and into the main Arrivals Lobby/Hall.

The main Arrivals lobby is where passengers generally meet their holiday representatives, family or friends or transfer Reps.

Tenerife Airport Departures

Tenerife airports have a large number of departures daily and if you are flying from one of the airports in Tenerife, you will be required to check-in for your flight and have a valid Boarding Pass for your flight. Passengers who do not hold a valid Boarding Pass for their flight will not be allowed to board the aircraft.

Passengers flying from a Tenerife Airport can either check-in at the airport using one of the appropriate check-in desks that have been designated for their flight or they can check-in online via the airlines own website (if applicable).

Once you have Checked-In for your flight, you will then be required to clear Security inside the Departures area at the airport prior to boarding your flight.


Both Tenerife North and Tenerife South Airports have facilities in place to help make your stay at the airport as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Duty Free


ATM’s (Cash Machines)

Check-In Desks

Disabled Access


Car Hire

Airport Lounges: Both airports have lounges Tenerife South Sala Montana Roja and Tenerife North Sala VIP Nivaria that offer passengers a wide range of facilities including foo, drink, TV, Newspapers and WiFi.

The airports in Tenerife have a non smoking policy throughout the airport.

Resorts In Tenerife Close to The Airport

If you are flying into Tenerife South Airport and are wanting to stay in a holiday resort close to the airport, then you have several options. However, even if you have a flight into Tenerife South Airport, don’t restrict yourself because Tenerife is a small island and there are many other resorts on the island that are accessible from the airport by public transport.

The closest Resorts To Tenerife South Airport are:

Golf del Sur is probably the closest resort to the airport but this is a more quieter resort than its neighbouring resorts of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas.

Los Cristianos is a very popular resorts with holiday makers and has plenty going off in terms of activities and nightlife. Los Cristianos is approximately 15 minutes drive from Tenerife South International Airport.

Playa de las Americas is one of the most well known resorts in Tenerife and is famous for its party lifestyle and busy nightlife. However, the resort of Playa de las Americas is popular with all ages and is just a 20 minutes drive from the airport.

there are public buses that run from the airport to the resorts of Los Cristianos  and Playa de las Americas or you can take a taxis or shuttle bus service, depending on your requirements and budget.

Closest Holiday Resort To Tenerife North Airport

The two major tourist resorts that are closest to Tenerife North Airport are the Capital Santa Cruz, which is just 9klms (6.6 miles) and the resort of Puerto de la Cruz which is 28klms (17.3 miles).

Getting To and From The Airports

Both the airports in Tenerife have a good ground support network and system in operation to ensure passengers can get to and from the airports easily. There are a number of options for passengers arriving at and departing from the airports in terms of transfers to suit all requirements and budgets.